Color Guard

A picture of the 2019-2020 BMB guard and twirlers.

Color guard has played an essential role in my life since high school. I actually never intended to join, but my really good friend at the time managed to convince me to try out and I got a spot on our high school guard. Here I am seven years later and still doing guard every football season! High school color guard and college color guard are pretty different, but all fun nonetheless. I had so much fun being apart of the Gatesville and BMB color guard, so here's a little look at what those included.

High school marching band is done competitively against all the other bands in your district. Every October, you compete in a UIL Marching Competition where you aim to get a division 1. Every other year you get a chance to make it through Area and go to state. My favorite part about high school guard was that every season you had a different theme and a costume to go with it. My freshman year, we did Pandora's Box and my sophomore year; we did Once Upon a Story, which included Sleeping Beauty, Tinker Bell, Sword in the Stone and a few others. My junior year was filled with superheroes and then my senior year was my favorite. We did Edgar Alan Poe and the color guard was the ravens.

Now college marching band is a bit different. Here at Texas State we are called the Bobcat Marching Band or BMB for short. We don't compete competitively, but I still have just as much fun as I did in high school. BMB's job is to entertain the audience, so you still want to do and look your best. The cool thing about BMB is it's one of the only college bands who have themes. Most college bands do different popular songs every game, while the BMB has three different themes that get performed throughout the season. For example, this season, we started out with a throwback show to celebrate BMB's 100th year. We then did broadway, which was, of course, my personal favorite cause it included songs from Hamilton, Chicago and Wicked. Then we finished up the season with a Country Song show. It's crazy to think after seven years I only have one more year left, but as BMB likes to say: Last time, best time!