This is a picture of DeAnna Ryan wearing a pink bobcats shirt with her blonde hair up in a pony tail.

Hello, my name is DeAnna Ryan! I'm a first-generation college student attending Texas State University, where I major in Public Relations and minor in Theatre. I come from a small central Texas town called Gatesville that is home to the state's largest prison system and pretty much nothing else. Gatesville is about a two-hour drive from San Marcos, so I find myself driving back home frequently to visit my mom and grandparents.

I'm in my second to last semester at Texas State University and will be graduating in December 2020. You can find me working at Pluckers Wing Bar on the weekends and in class on the weekdays. I'm currently taking three Mass Comm classes, which are PR Writing, PR Research, and Web design. I am also taking Intermediate Acting and Improv as my Theatre classes this semester. I have a pretty busy schedule, but because they are all classes I love, it's not as bad as it seems!

As for my future, I originally wanted to move to Japan after I graduate and work for the Edelman branch in Tokyo. However, this past summer, I was presented a chance to pursue acting and I couldn't turn it down. I have loved acting since I was a child and I knew if I didn't take this chance now, there wouldn't be another one. So now I will be staying in San Marcos for about a year after I graduate to save up money to be able to move to California. I plan on getting a job as a personal assistant and/or social media manager while continuing taking acting classes and auditioning whenever I can.

Favorite Vloggers Favorite Food Favorite Animals
Sharla in Japan Cheese White Tigers
Asia Jackson Pasta Fennec Foxes
Taylor R Fruit Maine Coon Cats